About Drawing inc, illustrations, visuals, concepts, storyboards

Drawing Inc. produce hand crafted illustrations, visuals, concepts, storyboards and much more, for conferences, film launches, parties and any experiential event.

Chris Townsend draws on a wealth of experience visualising events, to become a part of your creative team bringing to life proposals in a way that clients’ immediately understand and positively respond to. Often used in conjunction with CGI and video with a track record of converting pitches.

Supplying creative input on all levels, including concept and brand development, you are guaranteed a proactive input which will allow you to take advantage of both talent and experience. The testimonials give an idea of how the process works for you with an undeniable success rate.

Visuals and Concepts

Working seamlessly as part of a creative team, Chris Townsend has been producing concept development, pitch proposals and presentations for most of the major brands in many industry sectors. Using creativity and technical skills, Chris has been supporting production companies and marketing, PR and advertising agencies in film and product launches, corporate conferences and many experiential situations.

Speed, atmosphere and an instinct for gauging the art director’s vision quickly and accurately has meant his particular talents have been in demand again and again, often with relationships spanning many years. Should amends be required he responds quickly, the perfect client presentation is key, not ego.

In a creative concept meeting, Chris will produce ‘on the spot’ images, mind maps and will be a part of the creative thinking, positive and proactive.